Is it Always Hot in South Florida?

People often ask…”is it always hot in South Florida?”

The answer really depends on what YOU think is hot.  Some people are easily affected by the heat and the high humidity.  During the summer months, those folks spend most of their time in the air condition.. …which by the way…every building, restaurant and store has great A/C! Others relish in that sunny and yes, hot, feeling on their face and body.  So, generally speaking, YES, it is always WARM!  Remember, South Florida is TROPICAL!

South Florida’s average annual temperature is 82 degrees, ranging from an average low of 75 degrees in the winter to 89 degrees in the summer.  After all, South Florida is known for SUNSHINE!

Most South Floridians love the months of November through April!! Those are our BEST 6 months.  When the rest of the country is either bracing for the cold or counting the weeks until spring, South Florida is basking in the glory of 70-80 degree temperatures with usually low humidity.  The warm Atlantic breeze blows a delicious smell into the mainland night and those months are glorious.  If you like to break out your boots and a thick sweater, you might get lucky in December, January or February.  The weather report will predict a “cold front”. For us, that means the temperature will dip to a cool 55 degrees for a couple of hours in the morning or in the evening! And might stay that way for a day or two!  For us locals, that is a treat so the women dust off their boots and the men put on their sweaters to walk around the many outdoor venues!

Key Largo

The summers, well, they are HOT!  Many South Floridians head west or north during the summer months to escape from the hot and humid temps.  These months (June – August) are also our rainiest months.  It is not uncommon for the clouds to open up every afternoon around 2pm for a rain storm during the summer.  We all carry umbrellas in our cars.

Rest assured, everyone has air conditioning and pools are a plenty in these hot summer months! Don’t forget, the ocean is here too.  Jump in for that refreshing, salty feeling and know that you now live in one of the sunniest places in the country!

We promise you won’t melt.

And as Florida residents say, “A warm summer is better than a cold winter!”


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