What to do with kids when its raining at a Theme Park?

What do you do when the weather report says rain and the kids were excited to go to a Theme Park? Well, you might consider actually going to the park!  Clearly, it depends on how much rain is expected and your family’s threshold for getting wet, but with a little luck, the rain might be light (or non-existent) and most importantly, the park will not be as crowded as usual!  That means less congestion, shorter and sometimes no lines, and the ability to enjoy more attractions than usual. Safety is always most important, but if you decide to roll the dice, here are some hints for success:

  1. Bring ponchos
  2. Bring a gallon bag to put wallets, phones, etc in
  3. Bring hats
  4. Ask the parking attendants if you can get a discount for preferred parking
  5. For some parks that have fast passes, if some attractions aren’t open, they may give you a pass to other rides
  6. If you have fast passes, and your schedule changes, don’t be afraid to ask the ride attendant if you can use your fast pass late if you’ve missed your window.
  7. Don’t over-commit, you may not last until the fireworks, and they may be cancelled

It’s never an easy decision if the weather doesn’t co-operate. Parents need to balance safety and kids’ disappointment, but sometimes rain can lead to a great day at the Park.

What are some of your tips for making the best of a rainy theme park day?

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