Skunk Apes, Florida’s version of Bigfoot!

Unique micro-vacation in the Everglades- Swamp Buggy, Tours, Kayaks/Canoe rentals too!

Cool Family Vacation had no idea that Florida had its own version of Bigfoot allegedly living in the Everglades. Well, if you’re interested in those kind of things (we certainly are!), then you may want to check out Skunk Ape Headquarters off of Tamiami Trail in Ochopee (in the Everglades, naturally).  They’ve got information on the Skunk Ape, a giant snake and a gift shop.

Nearby is Everglades Eco Tours that have guided tours of the Everglades and Kayak/Canoe rentals.  Tell them that CoolFamilyVacation sent you and you can get 25% off of the Kayak/Canoe rentals!

There’s a campground on site if you’re interested in spending the weekend!

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