White Water Rafting

The Vail Valley in Colorado, home to beautiful mountains and ski slopes is an incredible winter wonderland.  However, when the snow melts in the spring, another adventure sport is enabled- white water rafting.  Spend a day rafting on scenic rivers that cut through the mountains at a variety of skill levels. From mellow class 2 sections to more adventurous class 5 rapids, the valley and surrounding areas are home to multiple locations and guides to choose from. Popular adventure companies include Sage Outdoor Adventures, and Lakota Guides.  Area rivers include the Arkansas River, Eagle River, and Colorado River. Many of the companies offer complimentary pickup and lunch and should feature complete safety and training and an experienced guide. All riders are outfitted with life vests. Don’t forget your sunscreen and hats/visors!  A disposable camera in a zip lock bag is a great idea so you can capture these amazing moments! If your guide lets you jump in, beware: the water can be chilly!

Photo Credit: SageOutdoorAdventures.com

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